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This weeks trick-

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You demonstrate your psychic abilities by asking a volunteer to select numbers on a sheet. He or she has a totally free choice. The numbers selected are then totaled. An envelope that has been sitting in full view at all times is then picked up by volunteer, opened and reveled to match their selected number! You are indeed a mental(ist)!

The Scoop:
First you will need the number sheet. (See link below) Print this page (you might want to print a few pages while your at it) and cut out along the dotted lines. Go ahead, I'll wait. Once you've done that, write the number "34" on a piece of paper, fold it in half and seal it in an envelope. Your ready to amaze your audience.

Place your prediction envelope on the table in full view of your audience. Give a pencil and number sheet to your volunteer. Tell your volunteer to circle any number. Now, cross off all other numbers in the horizontal and vertical rows that the number is in. Repeat that again, tell your volunteer to circle any number and cross off all other numbers in the horizontal and vertical rows that the number is in.

Lastly, repeat one last time, Tell your volunteer to circle any number and cross off all other numbers in the horizontal and vertical rows that the number is in. Have your volunteer circle the last remaining number. At this point you should have 4 circled numbers and the rest are “X”ed out. Instruct your volunteer to total the numbers, once he or she has done that, have them open the envelope and discover that you knew the future!!!! Actually, the number will always turn out to be 34. Practice it a few times on your own using different numbers, it will always be 34. Now, that you've done that, go amaze your family and friends!

Always remember- Practice, Practice, Practice!


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